The simple slab insulation solution for new or existing concrete foundations

What is InsulFound?

InsulFound by MagRoc is an insulation system for your new or existing concrete slab. It is consists of a core of rigid foam insulation protected by MagRoc magnesium oxide board that can significantly increase the thermal performance of your concrete slab. Available in four profiles there is an InsulFound solution for any concrete slab, old or new.

Why Use InsulFound?

InsulFound is specifically designed to keep your home warmer, drier and more comfortable while continually saving you money over the lifespan of your home.

BRANZ (Building Research Association of New Zealand) considers that all concrete slab edges should be insulated. Their own research has concluded that approximatly 80% of the heat that escapes from your concrete foundation escapes out the side – not through the ground as many people assume.

If you are using or intend to use infloor heating then InsulFound is an obvious choice. Used in combination InsulFound will significantly reduce your infloor energy consumption and could potentially reduce the size of your required heating unit.

Percentage of heat lost through a slab edge

How is InsulFound Installed?

The Internal, External and Brick InsulFound profiles are installed before your slab is poured. They can be used as the formwork with no need for wooden shutters or can simply be dropped inside traditional boxing before the pour.

The Retrofit profile is simply glued to any existing concrete slab and can easily be installed by any one – no construction experience required.


Which InsulFound Profile?

InsulFound comes in four standard profiles: Internal, External, Brick and Retrofit. To work out which profile suits your situation just follow our handy flow chart.


Internal Profile

The internal profile is designed for use with SIP systems such as MagRoc sips or 140mm timber framing. The InsulFound edge sits in the same position as the edge of an uninsulated foundation.


External Profile

The external profile has been designed for new builds using 90mm timber framing. The profile projects outside of the slab edge.


Brick Profile

The brick profile is designed for structures with brick or masonry cladding. The profile is narrower to account for the increased weight of this form of cladding


Retrofit Profile

The retrofit profile was developed to provide an insulation system to those with an already complete concrete slab. These profiles can simply be glued to any existing foundation.



InsulFound has a 10 year manufacturers warranty


Internal – 66mm – R1.4

 External – 66mm – R1.4

Brick – 33mm – R0.7

Retro-fit – 58mm – R1.4

Dimensions (mm)


200 – 1200

R Values
0.7 – 1.4