• What are MagRoc SIP's?

    MagRoc SIP’s are a high performance, engineered, structural, super insulated wall panel that is fire, moisture, mould, and rot resistant.  MagRoc SIP’s combine framing, insulation, plaster board, & building wrap in the one component. EPS insulation is structurally bonded between two sheets of MagRoc Board.  The results is a wall component that is easy and economical to erect and finish, and creates high quality, durable building envelope walls, roofs, and floors that are highly efficient and cost effective.

  • How much do MagRoc SIPS cost versus conventional timber framing?

    Depending on the project MagRoc SIPS are very competitive $ product vs product to conventional timber framing, even 90x45mm framing although we are offering higher R Values, and greater bracing to even 140×45 framing. Once built the ongoing cost of a MagRoc SIPS building has significantly lower operating costs – heating and cooling costs can be up to 40% – 60% less than a conventional building, meaning lower on going bills.

  • Can I get a project price quote?

    Yes. We are happy to give an estimate off your plans concept plans for decision making purposes to go with MagRoc or conventional. From this step we can give a more accurate quote based on developed or ideally consent ready drawings. Please contact enquiry@magroc.co.nz for more info on this.

  • Are MagRoc SIPS structural?

    Yes. MagRoc SIP’s have been tested to meet all requirements of the New Zealand Building Code for structural bracing and durability. We in fact achieve the maximum Bracing Units / per Metre to match any standard or specifically design foundation on the market currently. There is no need for any further materials to stand or brace you walls within your common house.

  • Can MagRoc SIPS panels be used for roof or floor assemblies?

    Yes. We have specific systems designed for use as structural insulated roofs and floors. In many situation this can provide superior insulation and speed of construction when compared to conventional methods. It also provides the client with a superior air seal and control over the air changes within the building when going with the complete system.

  • What is the R Value of MagRoc SIPS?

    The 165mm MagRoc SIPS has a rating certified and test R3.8 (although when using industry calculation like other companies it comes out at R4.2) and a 225mm panel has a rating of R5.4. The current building codes requirements are an R value of 2 on a conventional build. Our MagRoof and MagFloor starts at R5.4 and we have produced upwards of R9.1 so far.

  • Is a vapour barrier / building wrap required?

    No. As long as all the joints are properly sealed as part of the construction process a separate vapour barrier / building wrap is not required.

  • How do you install wiring?

    Each panel of MagRoc SIPS has three 40mm vertical electrical chases formed in the EPS at 400mm centres. This allows for ample flexibility for power, heating and light switch layouts.

  • Do MagRoc SIPS come pre-framed with window and door openings?

    Panels can be provided either as blanks or factory cut to your requirement. Refer also to our drafting service.

  • What tools are required?

    Regular carpentry tools are primarily all you need. The only unique tool is a hot knife for trimming EPS. The hot knife is needed when MagRoc SIPS are cut to size in the field. A regular circular saw is suitable for cutting panels (no special blade needed) – cutting the wall on both sides and cutting the foam core with a reciprocating saw.

  • How do MagRoc SIPS connect?

    MagRoc SIPS slot over a bottom plate and utilize various proprietary vertical spline connections and a top plate. Please see our Tech Section of the website for connection details.

  • How do I finish MagRoc SIP’s?

    Interior surfaces can be conventionally plastered to an extremely high quality finish. Exterior surfaces can be directly painted or plastered, or have any other cladding system applied.

  • Are MagRoc SIPS insect and mould resistant?

    Yes. MagRoc Board and EPS are inert materials without nutrients. Therefore there is nothing for mould or insects to feed or grow on.

  • What skills are required to build MagRoc SIPS?

    An experienced builder can be easily trained to build with MagRoc systems and in fact can use less skilled labour within his crew for his primary help. When you build MagRoc SIP’s you can avoid the common pitfalls of conventional framing such as walls that bend, bulge, twist and cup due to poor quality timber or mistakes in framing. MagRoc SIP’s are straight, plumb, and square. The surface offers a continuous nail base for exterior finish and interior finishing’s such as cabinetry, trim, doors and wall hangings, without the need to find studs.

  • What style of buildings can be built with MagRoc SIPS?

    MagRoc SIPS are highly versatile and there is no limit on the design possibilities, in fact MagRoc can open up many design opportunities that aren’t possible using conventional materials. We have an ‘in house’ architectural designer service that can assess your plans and see if MagRoc SIPS are right for you, or design specifically for you to maximise the benefits of the MagRoc system. For more info on this please email: dean@magroc.co.nz

  • How are MagRoc SIPS Environmentally friendly?

    • Energy savings of 40 – 60% for heating results in less consumption of fossil fuels / reduced greenhouse gas emissions
    • Reduced job site waste
    • Better living environment – air tightness of walls combined with moisture, mould, and rot resistance allow you to control your indoor air quality better – avoiding the problems of allergies, respiratory problems, etc.
    • The EPS core used in MagRoc SIP’s utilize a low environmental impact process of steam expansion that uses pentane and does not contain CFC’s (Chloroflourocarbons) or HFC’s (Hydrochloroflourocarbons) or formaldehyde. EPS is an inert material so there are no issues with dust or off gassing.
  • How much do MagRoc SIPS weigh?

    A typical 2440mm x 1200mm panel weighs about 75kg. Two builders can easily handle one panel.

  • Where is MagRoc made?

    Our proprietary MgO board, MagRoc, is made, under licence, in China. The MagRoc SIPS are manufactured in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Who distributes MagRoc Board and SIP system?

    MagRoc NZ Limited, based in Christchurch, New Zealand and contactable on 0800 MAGROC

  • Do you need to fix plaster-board over MagRoc panels?

    No. MagRoc comes with preformed tapered edges and can be finished with specified finishing products approved by MagRoc™. The board comes to a paintable finishes easily, but we do suggest you make an allowance for lightly skimming the panels if a level 4 or 5 finish is wanting to be achieved. MagRoc Board is superior to plasterboard in every testing phase including impact resistance, durability in wet areas, fire spread, structural, mould & insect resistance.

  • Why won’t MagRoc products or MagRoc SIPS mould?

    MagRoc products are completely non-nutritive so it will not support mold, fungal or insect growth or infestation.