MagRoc has worked with EcoGreen Homes to deliver Wellington’s first Homestar 10 rated building. With this latest announcement MagRoc has has provided thermal insulation materials for half of all the Homestar 10 houses in the country!

For this latest build MagRoc provided the key components of SIP wall panels and InsulFound slab insulation which delivered class leading levels of insulation and airtightness. 

EcoGreen’s Homestar 10 house includes 6 bedrooms over 240sqm and is home to four adults and two children. With no photovoltaic panels or solar water heating the house still only consumes 2,400kwh of energy per year (compared to the NZ average of 11,400kwh) for an average monthly power bill of less than $60.

Key to this project was affordability – it doesn’t matter how efficient a house is if it is too expensive to build. EcoGreen chose MagRoc to deliver key components to this project because they knew that attempting to achieve the levels of insulation and airtightness that MagRoc SIP panels deliver using conventional construction would be prohibitively expensive. 

If you are looking to build a new home and are interested in energy efficiency come talk to MagRoc about what they can do for you.