From early in New Zealand’s European history the construction and building industry was based on native timber. More recently native timbers have been replaced by exotics, along with the poisonous treatments that are mandatory for their use. Originally insulation was non-existent. To keep warm it was just a matter of ‘putting another log on the fire’. Even with current forms of insulation, a typical stud wall will have approx. 40% air infiltration.

Then: untreated native timbers cut and shaped for everything from foundation piles to timber weatherboards, roof framing, flooring, wall framing, linings, trim, joinery, windows and doors.

Now: Chemically treated exotic timbers, steel, Aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, Portland cement products, plaster boards, plastics and other synthetically manufactured materials. All with their own manufactured and inherent cost structures.

 The reality is that New Zealand has not moved with the times. We have put up with cold, under insulated, leaky homes. In an attempt to solve these unhealthy conditions the New Zealand building regulations have become overly complicated and costly.

Europe and North America on the other hand have begun to  realise the values of more permanent, sustainable and energy efficient building methods. For the last couple of generations the building method called ‘Structural Insulated Panel System’ or SIPS has been refined to a point now that is cost efficient, simple and sustainable.

The benefits below will show you with out a doubt why you should build with a ‘MagRoc™ Structural Insulated Panel System’ and live in a stronger and safer home where you can truly enjoy long term energy savings,with quieter and warmer surroundings.

Key Benefits: 

  • Simplicity – 1 assembly process, replaces 8 separate processes in one step. Saving you time and stress.
  • Stronger – Independently tested to withstand severe earthquakes and cyclonic winds.
  • Water Resistant – Will absorb very little water, and will breathe it out without losing any structural integrity
  • Impact Resistant – You will struggle to put anything through this panel.. trust us we have tried
  • Comfort & Efficiency – Better quality insulation for both heat and sound so you can save up to 40% on power and heating bills.
  • Fire Rated – Fire resistant with Zero Flame spread , Zero Smoke spread.
  • Quicker – Build time is significantly quicker, saving you labour costs.
  • Greener – Less harmful on the environment to produce.
  • Mould & Insect Proof, plus its Hypoallergenic – No toxic materials used; Neutral to allergies; doesn’t attract or harbour mould or bacteria, so insects aren’t interested.