About MagRoc

MagRoc™ New Zealand Ltd is the licensed manufacturer and distributor of MagRoc™ Board and SIP’s system. For more than 30 years the directors of MagRoc (NZ) Ltd have been involved in the residential and commercial design and construction industry in New Zealand. They are very aware of the escalating costs of compliance and construction for all involved in, and with, the industry. They are especially sympathetic to the public and end user who have to endure the unnecessary bureaucracy that is trying to control systems that are unsuitable and uneconomic for modern day architecture and life styles. Sustainability and innovation have always played a large part in their work.

For a number of years they have been investigating magnesium oxide (MgO) building board and the system known as ‘Structural Insulated Panels System’ (SIPS).

After a great deal of international study they chose to associate themselves with arguably the best in the world in the area of MgO SIPS. Quze Inc (formerly Magwall Pacific Inc,) is a Canadian company that has a management team with extensive experience in commercial, residential, panelized and sustainable construction techniques.

They have developed a revolutionary SIP system, utilising a new generation of Magnesium oxide board – MagRoc™. They are stronger, warmer, safer, quicker to build, greener, and cost effective, which is ideally suited to New Zealand conditions.

Consumers are demanding energy efficient houses, with stronger and safer qualities. MagRoc™ SIPS will provide this in a timelier, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective method.

MagRoc™ NZ Ltd manufacturing and distribution plant is based in Christchurch, and has seen first hand how our building standards have failed in many aspects after the September & February Earthquakes. This is one reason we are now fully committed to bringing both the Canterbury and the New Zealand public a better building solution.